Why I’m Running

Dear Friends,

Growing up, the idea of running for office was never of interest to me. In fact, until recently, running for office was not on my radar. However, our country faces major challenges ahead and our current leadership in Washington seems incapable of addressing these challenges in a responsible way. I am writing to the voters of South Carolina to tell them why I am running for the United States Senate.

Many people know me as the first woman to graduate from The Citadel. I graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude in 1999, and authored a book about my experiences. I went on to pursue a master’s degree from the University of Georgia a few years later.

Today, however, life is very different. I’m a wife, a proud mother and small business owner. I am a current board member of The Citadel School of Business and former board member of Childspring International. My public relations and marketing business has worked with companies small and large over the years. I have also had the honor of working with clients such as Sen. Tim Scott, Rep. Mick Mulvaney and State Sen. Tom Davis, among others.

I was raised by strong and loving parents. My father is retired Army Brigadier General Emory Mace and my mother is retired school teacher Anne Mace, PhD.

My father is also a 1963 graduate of The Citadel, and the most decorated living graduate of our alma mater. After the school made the decision to allow women into its ranks, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps as a cadet at The Citadel.

My family has a long history of serving our country. Today, in fact, many members of my family are on active duty. One niece is a nurse in the Army and a nephew just received his airborne wings a few weeks ago. My brother (currently on active duty returned from Afghanistan several months ago) and a sister are both graduates of West Point. And I have a nephew there today. Both of my brothers-in-law serve in our armed forces.

Being an Army brat and a family member to many on active duty gives me an enormous appreciation for the selflessness of our service members and their families. Through these experiences, I developed a deep love for my country.

While I remain passionate about the promise of our country, I’m very worried about the direction we are headed. This summer I spent time listening to friends and neighbors throughout the state. And I heard a common theme: South Carolinians believe Washington is out of touch and that Washington thinks it knows better than the people. Many have lost faith in our political system and simply do not trust this government.

This lack of trust is palpable in the voices of concerned voters all over the state. And I share their concern.

I believe career politicians in DC are unwilling to make hard decisions about our nation’s future.

You will almost always find South Carolina’s senior senator on the other side when conservative republicans have stood for the constitution, for smaller government, for border security, against Obamacare, against amnesty, against liberal judges, against tax increases and against reckless spending. It’s not that he is a bad person, it’s that his policies are wrong for America.

But I have not lost all hope and I don’t believe the people of South Carolina have either.

South Carolina has a rich history of sending conservative leaders to Washington, just like former Sen. Jim DeMint and now Sen. Tim Scott. My hope is to continue that tradition.

I believe America is at a tipping point. As Republicans we must decide whether we are another party in favor of big government or to change course and elect leaders who will stand with conviction and restore the principles of limited government outlined in our constitution. As your next Senator, I will always be a voice for liberty, and I will always stand against the oppressive hand of the federal government.

We will not change our nation’s capitol by sending the same people back to DC year after year. We must elect principled leaders who are willing to make tough decisions.

So while I am humbled by the enormity of the task before us. I am heartened by the support of many people who are ready for a new generation of conservative leadership.

We can only change Washington if we change who we send to Washington. America deserves better. South Carolina deserves better.

My family and yours, deserve better. That’s why I’m in this race.

I am writing today to thank you for a wonderful kick off and rollout of our campaign. I am energized by the amount of support we are receiving and more confident than ever that South Carolina is ready for a new generation of principled conservative leadership. I wanted to share with you why I am running. I would also invite you to get involved by visiting our website and volunteering or sending a donation to help spread the word. Thank you again! See you on the trail!

For freedom,

Nancy Mace