Thank you

We set out on this journey to change the game – the political game – that’s played in Washington. During this campaign we worked hard, we competed, we talked a lot about changing the direction of our state and nation and restoring the conservative principles that make our nation so special, so unique in all of man’s history. In short, I am proud of this campaign and the many thousands of people who were a part of it.

Unfortunately, the results of tonight’s election have brought our efforts to a close. So, our campaign ends, but not without a heartfelt thank you to those who worked in the field, donated money, or voted for a new generation of leadership. I want all of those who were committed to this campaign to understand that their efforts were not only appreciated, but also impactful.

Again, while this campaign is coming to a close, the campaign to promote liberty and keep our leaders and our government responsible to ‘we the people’ will never end. In that journey I will always be your fellow traveler and I will always be proud to stand along side you to keep the light of liberty burning.

In liberty,

Nancy Mace